The Best Manufacturing Company was formed in 1871 by Daniel Best. Best got his start devleoping a portable grain cleaner, and later turned his attention to developing a combine harvester. In 1890, Best purchased the rights to the Remington steam engine, and began producing both steam tractors and steam-powered combines. A legal battle in 1910 allowed rival Holt to acquire Best's company, left Danel's son C.L. Best with an ownership stake. C.L. Best disliked working in the Holt organization, and formed his own company in 1910, producing gasoline tractors. Best acquired patents for the Lombard Log Hauler, an early tracked crawler, and began producing "tracklayer" tractors. Henry Ford's price war with the Fordson tractor created hard times for all tractor companies in the early 1920s. In 1925, Best and Holt consolidated into the Caterpillar Tractor Company.
Model Power Years
No photo available Best 75 83hp 1913 - 1924
No photo available Best Sixty 62hp 1919 - 1925
Best Thirty tractor photo Best Thirty 33hp 1921 - 1925