Founded in Greenwich, Ohio in 1921 as the Central Tractor Company, the firm changed its name in 1928 to the Centaur Tractor Company. The name was taken from the Centaur brand being used for its 6-10 sulky-style tractor. In 1934, Centaur applied for a patent on their "Klear View" design. The design eliminated most obstructions under the operator, provided a view of the ground beneath the tractor. Centaur began building KV series tractors based on this design in 1935. By 1940, Centaur had significant debt issues and the company was sold to Le Roi, who supplied engines for the Centaur tractors.
Model Power Years
No photo available Centaur AG-48 27hp 1948 - 1950
Centaur KV tractor photo Centaur KV 0hp 1940 - 1948
No photo available Centaur KV-22 0hp 1925 - 1935