The CO-OP brand of tractors was born out of a desire by farmers to reduce cost through collective ownership of machinery production. Early models were designed by Dent Parrett, formely of Parrett Tractor, and built in Michigan using a number of Chrysler components. In 1938, production moved to new facilities in Indiana. Cletrac also contributed a few models and some production occured in Saint Paul, Minnesota, at this time. After World War II, an arrangement with Cockshutt led to the new "E" series of CO-OP tractors which were simply re-branded Cockshutt models. Poor sales led to the CO-OP facilities being sold to Cockshutt in 1952, and the CO-OP brand was discontinued.
Model Power Years
No photo available CO-OP 1 0hp 1937 - 1938
CO-OP 2 tractor photo CO-OP 2 35hp 1936 - 1946
CO-OP 3 tractor photo CO-OP 3 41hp 1936 - 1950
No photo available CO-OP 3S 0hp 1948 - 1951
CO-OP B1 tractor photo CO-OP B1 20hp 1941 - 1942
No photo available CO-OP B2 0hp 1939 - 1941
No photo available CO-OP B2 Jr. 37hp -
No photo available CO-OP B3 0hp -
CO-OP C tractor photo CO-OP C 0hp 1944 -
No photo available CO-OP D3 0hp 1945 -
CO-OP E2 tractor photo CO-OP E2 33hp 1952 - 1953
CO-OP E3 tractor photo CO-OP E3 31hp 1946 - 1957
CO-OP E4 tractor photo CO-OP E4 47hp 1949 - 1958
No photo available CO-OP E5 54hp 1953 - 1957
No photo available CO-OP G 20hp 1939 - 1941