Harry Ferguson started in the tractor business selling Waterloo Boy tractors (renamed Overtime) in Ireland and England during World War I. While working with farmers to maximize the use of their new tractors, Ferguson began working on a better system to attach implements. His "Ferguson System", later known as the three-point hitch, would become the standard for attaching implements to farm tractors. To demonstrate his new hitch, Ferguson built the Ferguson Black tractor. This led to an agreement with David Brown to build the Ferguson-Brown. The arrangement was short lived, and Ferguson made a new deal with Henry Ford to develop tractors using his hitch. The deal with Ford lasted until 1947, when it ended with a bitter lawsuit. Following this, Ferguson entered into an arrangement with the Standard Motor Company to produce his own line of tractors. Ferguson was taken over by Massey-Harris in 1953. The Massey-Ferguson brand is still used today by AGCO.
Model Power Years
Ferguson A tractor photo Ferguson A 20hp 1936 - 1937
Ferguson F-40 tractor photo Ferguson F-40 36hp 1956 - 1957
Ferguson FE-35 tractor photo Ferguson FE-35 34hp 1956 - 1958
Ferguson Pony tractor photo Ferguson Pony 12hp 1952 - 1957
Ferguson TE-20 tractor photo Ferguson TE-20 28hp 1946 - 1948
Ferguson TEA-20 tractor photo Ferguson TEA-20 26hp 1948 - 1956
Ferguson TEF-20 tractor photo Ferguson TEF-20 28hp 1951 - 1956
Ferguson TO-20 tractor photo Ferguson TO-20 28hp 1948 - 1951
Ferguson TO-30 tractor photo Ferguson TO-30 31hp 1951 - 1954
Ferguson TO-35 tractor photo Ferguson TO-35 36hp 1954 - 1960