In the late 1800s, Benjamin Holt began manufacturing self-levelling combine for use on hillsides in the western United States. Holt began building steam tractors and began experimenting with crawler tracks. The first tracked Holt was tested in 1904, and a commentator is reported to have said, "She crawls along like a caterpillar", providing the inspiration for the trademark. In 1925, Holt merged with rival Best to form the Caterpillar Tractor Company.
Model Power Years
No photo available Holt 10-Ton 63hp 1923 - 1925
No photo available Holt 2-Ton 31hp 1921 - 1925
No photo available Holt 5-Ton 40hp 1919 - 1925
Holt 75 tractor photo Holt 75 83hp 1913 - 1924