Following World War II, Willys began to sell the Jeep to the civilian market, particularly on farms. Experimental AgriJeeps were tested in the late stages of the war to adapt the Jeep to farming tasks. A belt pulley, power take off (PTO), and a three-point hitch adapted the Jeep for field work. A dedicated run of Farm Jeeps and Jeep Tractors were produced between 1951 and 1954 with GC and GD model codes, although any Jeep could be outfitted with the farm options. The Jeep Tractor lacked a windshield, front suspension, lights, and other features for road use.
Model Power Years
Jeep CJ-2A tractor photo Jeep CJ-2A 60hp 1947 - 1949
Jeep CJ-3A tractor photo Jeep CJ-3A 60hp 1949 - 1953
Jeep CJ-3B tractor photo Jeep CJ-3B 75hp 1954 - 1968