Lenar started out as a tractor brand of the Jiangling Motor Company. Jiangling was founded in 1968 with a truck factory in Jiangxi, China. In 1999, Jiangling purchased the bankrupt FengShou tractor and truck company. Tractor production was resumed, and the Lenar brand was created for export. In 2004, Mahinda purchased Jiangling to create the Mahindra China Tractor Company. Mahindra China continues to export tractors under the Lenar brand.
Model Power Years
No photo available Lenar FS180 18hp -
Lenar FS274 tractor photo Lenar FS274 28hp -
Lenar JL254 tractor photo Lenar JL254 25hp 2003 - 2013
No photo available Lenar LE200D 20hp -
Lenar LE204D tractor photo Lenar LE204D 20hp -
Lenar LE254 tractor photo Lenar LE254 25hp 2007 -
Lenar LE304A tractor photo Lenar LE304A 30hp 2007 -
Lenar LE354 tractor photo Lenar LE354 35hp -
Lenar LE404 tractor photo Lenar LE404 40hp 2007 -