Müller was a manufacturer of large four-wheel drive tractors and construction machinery in Brazil. Founded in 1956, Müller began building farm tractors in the mid 1970s based on their compactors. The Müller tractor line expanded and ever larger models were added into the mid 1980s. Increased competition from global brands put Müller into decline in the 1990s and production ended in 2002. Proton Primus, also of Brazil, acquired the design rights to Müller machinery.
Model Power Years
Müller STA160 tractor photo Müller STA160 152hp 2005 - 2015
Müller STA310 tractor photo Müller STA310 310hp 2002 - 2012
Müller TM12 tractor photo Müller TM12 122hp 1976 - 1995
Müller TM14 tractor photo Müller TM14 155hp 1976 - 1995
No photo available Müller TM16 152hp 1976 - 1995
Müller TM17 tractor photo Müller TM17 173hp 1976 - 1995
Müller TM25 tractor photo Müller TM25 235hp 1980 - 1995
No photo available Müller TM28 280hp 1980 - 1995
Müller TM31 tractor photo Müller TM31 310hp 1980 - 1990
Müller TM310 tractor photo Müller TM310 310hp 1990 - 2002