The Parrett Tractor Company was founded in Ottawa, Illinois by Henry and Dent Parrett in 1913. The Parrett brothers moved their operation to Chicago in 1915 and had success with the model H 12-25 tractor. Massey-Harris licensed the Parrett design, and produced a version of the Parrett tractors under the Massey-Harris name (Models 1, 2, and 3) in Canada. The Parrett could not compete when the Fordson appeared and caused a steep drop in tractor prices. With the canceling of the Massey contract, Parrett stopped production in 1923. Dent Parrett had left the company in 1920, but continued to design tractors for other firms. The Parrett name reappeared in the mid-1930s when Dent designed a tractor that was built by the Ross Carrier company of Benton Harbor, Michigan.
Model Power Years
No photo available Parrett 6 0hp 1935 - 1937
Parrett E 10-20 tractor photo Parrett E 10-20 22hp 1915 - 1917
Parrett H 12-25 tractor photo Parrett H 12-25 27hp 1918 - 1920
No photo available Parrett K 15-30 33hp 1919 - 1922