Pioneer Tractor Company built large gas tractors in Winona, Minnesota from about 1920 until 1927. Pioneer had success building large tractors used for breaking prairie and road construction. Pioneer was noted as an early leader in its use of tractor cabs and enclosing the engine and transmission. The Great Depression along with the switch to smaller tractors hurt Pioneer. Pioneer underwent re-organization in the early 1920s but did not recover and disappeared by 1927.
Model Power Years
Pioneer Tractor 30 tractor photo Pioneer Tractor 30 66hp 1910 - 1927
Pioneer Tractor Junior tractor photo Pioneer Tractor Junior 50hp 1915 - 1916
No photo available Pioneer Tractor Pony 26hp 1916 - 1926
Pioneer Tractor Special tractor photo Pioneer Tractor Special 33hp 1918 - 1927