Ferdinand Porsche, the engineer behind the famous auto company, had also been designing tractors in the 1930s. This volk-schlepper (peoples' tractor) followed many principles of his volks-wagon (peoples' auto). No serious production began before World War II and post-war regulations prevented Porsche from building tractors after the war. A licensing agreement with Allgaier led to the Porsche tractor entering production. Mannesmann purchased the right in 1956 and continued production until 1963. Assets were sold to Renault and the Porsche name disappeared from tractors.
Model Power Years
Porsche Junior tractor photo Porsche Junior 14hp 1957 - 1963
No photo available Porsche Master 50hp 1959 - 1963
Porsche Standard tractor photo Porsche Standard 25hp 1957 - 1963
No photo available Porsche Super 38hp 1957 - 1963