Tytan imports Chinese-built tractors for the North American market and is involved in the design and assembly of their models. Tytan does not confirm the source of its machinery, stating that the production factories are confidential and that several companies are used. Information from several sources, however, indicates that Tytan has a relationship with the Shandong Weitou Tractor (SWT) factory and probably uses Weitou for the majority of their tractor line. Tytan was founded by Mark Leonard, who originally founded the Rhino brand, and was an early pioneer in the sale of Chinese tractors in North America.
Model Power Years
Tytan 304 tractor photo Tytan 304 30hp -
Tytan 334 tractor photo Tytan 334 33hp -
Tytan 404 tractor photo Tytan 404 40hp -
Tytan 406 tractor photo Tytan 406 40hp -
Tytan 504 tractor photo Tytan 504 50hp -
No photo available Tytan 604 60hp -
Tytan 754 tractor photo Tytan 754 75hp -
No photo available Tytan 804 80hp -
No photo available Tytan 854 85hp -