Upton Engineering in New South Wales, Australia built the world's largest two-wheel drive tractors in in the 1970s. Early Upton tractors in the 1960s used military-surplus tank components. Later Upton tractors utilized truck construction equipment components, leading up to the Upton HT-14/350; a 51,000 pound two-wheel drive tractor fitted with earthmover tires. Upton stopped building tractors by 1980, although the company continues to build irrigation equipment.
Model Power Years
No photo available Upton Heavy Harry 0hp -
No photo available Upton MT-855 0hp -
No photo available Upton 180 180hp -
No photo available Upton 225 225hp 1969 - 1979
Upton HT-14/350 tractor photo Upton HT-14/350 350hp 1978 -