The first articulated four-wheel drive tractor was built by Wagner Tractor of Portland, Oregon. The Wagner brothers had been building machinery for logging and mining since 1922 and entered the agriculatural market in the 1950s. John Deere and Wagner entered into deal in the late 1960s. At the time there was still not a large demand for the big tractors, and only 51 were purchased by Deere. Deere re-entered the market with their own tractor (the 7020) in 1971. A five-year no-compete clause in the contract left Wagner unable to build tractors and ended Wagner in the agricultural market.
Model Power Years
Wagner TR-14 tractor photo Wagner TR-14 175hp 1955 - 1959
Wagner TR-14A tractor photo Wagner TR-14A 220hp 1959 - 1960
No photo available Wagner TR-6 105hp 1955 - 1960
Wagner TR-9 tractor photo Wagner TR-9 120hp 1955 - 1960
Wagner WA-14 tractor photo Wagner WA-14 220hp 1961 - 1969
Wagner WA-17 tractor photo Wagner WA-17 250hp 1961 - 1969
Wagner WA-4 tractor photo Wagner WA-4 102hp 1961 - 1969
Wagner WA-9 tractor photo Wagner WA-9 160hp 1961 - 1969